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Welcome to the Website of Hungwar Group
Hungwar Group is a collection of individuals in many different business lines, with the same general purpose is to provide the services, products, gadgets, ... to the customer a simple and most complete.

Hungwar Store Logo  With target business' reputation and satisfaction "customer comes first. Over the past 8 years the business war Hung Group has achieved certain success, with customer numbers increasing every year, the number of customers not just from Hanoi and also from various regions throughout the country .. . 

  From initially developed from a single individual, with the original purpose was to learn, desire to exchange game with gamers worldwide. Since then, we have opportunities for many players in Vietnam were exposed to the game industry, "licensed game" at a time when it is too familiar to everyone from individuals to companies personnel. 

 In 8 years with the development of a strong World Cyber Games tournament was first held in the U.S., our team also contributed to the development of the gaming community in Vietnam. :

The individuals and organizations that we have had business with, and support such as:

  1. Clan VenGa - created by Zit.vie Zin his friends as Leader. 
  2. Clan SM - a clan is formed before WCG 2006.
  3. Clan Netchua - a game system of Vietnamese entertainment company.
  1. Clan Game Pro - a clan known for sponsoring Samsung for gamers in South Viet Nam
  2. Clan Caotoc - Clan Leader by the Dominvn, who is rank 1 Kalimdor - AT [2v2] in the game Warcraft 3: The Frozen Thorne 

 And there are many customers who had a list of Player of the U.S. to attend the WCG finals in the world such as:

 10 years of development and form, but not long enough to confirm a reputation. We, the human passion for business, with the development of the game industry in Vietnam. We will be increasingly harder to improve our service to meet more fully, more quickly the needs of customers.


 Hung war Group Leader .

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