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Store Credit

Dear customers,
Hungwar Store update adds some new features of the Website, fix some bugs of the website, such as your contributions in recent years. Here are introducing new features.
1 / After logging into your account, you will see the balance in your account:
2 / In the accounts you will see 02 new information:

- The History of transactions with account balance: to check the payment transaction, or used to pay your account balance.
- The Deposit Account: used to recharge the account balance.
3 / To recharge the account balance, you enter the value to be loaded, the system will calculate the number of VND will load:
4 / When paying, the system will display the payment method, the amount you will load into account:
5 / Once the payment is completed, your account will be updated to the balance of payment orders:
6 / You can choose to purchase items necessary payment, the system will calculate the remaining amount if the value of orders lower account balances. You click to complete payment to get key / game / prepaid card / ... in your account at Hungwar.
7 / With the remaining balance in your account, you will pay additional amounts owing as shown in Fig. You'll be choosing the existing payment gateway Hungwar:
8 / Once the payment is completed, your account balance will be on "0:00"
We hope that with the new updates, new features on the website you will find Hungwar simpler to shop at Hungwar Store.
All comments, contributions, an error message about the website please email: We will have a small gift to thank you ^., ^.

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