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Starcraft 2 - HOTS and change!

Dear gamers,
So the next Expansion of SC2 has officially release: 12 - March - 2013. So what do we have change in this version:

1 - In-game content:
You can read on link:

2 - About provisions of Blizzard out with Exp as follows:
- Since this version of SC2: WOL and SC2: HOTS will be the Global Play. That is where your account country will be set HOME REGION there. You will have the right to change the region to play with other SC2 player in the region.
- Have region follows :

- Hungwar Store will conduct the update, and then only Starcraft 2 (Global) and the version of Starcraft 2 (Global) - Heart of the swarm
- More Details :

Hungwar Store

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